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About Al Rajhi Fund

Welcome to the Alrajihi Fund which is one of the leading companies in investing in real estate, industrial and agricultural within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which witnessed significant growthy all areas has contributed to new technology and new industries in addition to the modern means of communication in a variety of projects in various parts of Kingdom Madoff investment opportunities and good growth potential in these three areas as the company is engaged in the financing of small craft and the people that the company’s various social contributions. Executive Director Abdulrahman Abdelaziz AL Rajhi.
Al-Rahji Fund , which was established in 2005 and is headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah. Its activity is to invest in all real estate, commercial and industrial assets.

Our mission

Diversification of investments and income in the areas of the community and promote the value and flushed with us and opens the door to the men of the Kingdom of creativity and assertiveness to get to one point prosperity.


Our vision

We look forward to zoom in a basket of investments in the areas of real estate, industrial and agricultural to become the largest investors and financiers of the projects and the top professionals in the community.

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